Dangers of buying into passion

I had an interesting conversation yesterday. The guy told me:

“I am doing charity work. Well, I cannot say that I truly feel motivated to do that, but, I think it’s just my passion.”

Then I said:

“It’s better not to use the word passion in this context. Do you know the meaning of word passion?”

He replied with confidence: “Sure. It’s excitement, emotions, loving what you do.”

I disagreed: “No, the original meaning is suffering. Google that if you don’t believe me.”

Then he, as a guy who is clearly into discussions, replied strongly:

“Yeah but that’s the original meaning. Don’t you see that the current meaning has changed?”

I said: “Yes, but the current meaning is very superficial. A lot of things have lost meaning in the modern times and it’s always wise to look at the roots – why specific words were created – when you want to understand more about this world.”


Of course, I do agree that the meaning has changed. It was changed by motivational speakers who put motivation in a package and sell it as a product during their hyped-up seminars. They install you their mantras of “live with passion”, “follow your passions” into your brain.

Isn’t that awkward? If you repeat to yourself: “Live and suffer! Chase suffering!” Huh? Even your grandma would probably raise an eyebrow.

And then you wonder why those seminars do not work?

If you’re wise, you understand that you cannot buy motivation or passion as a product and consume it just like you drink your coffee.

Because motivation is a symptom – not a cause or something that should be desired. You’re motivated, energised and confident AS A RESULT, when you live and fulfil your highest values.

So first you need to identify your highest values and serve people by fulfilling your highest values.
Then, you won’t think about buying motivation or passion. Because you’ll already have the whole package of tools needed to live an inspired life.

For deeper understanding of this topic, I recommend you to read my article about “How to live with highest values”.