Don’t Let Liberty Fall

Weird things are happening in this world.

By law, in most countries you’re enforced to go to school (slaughterhouse of creativity) until certain age – even if you feel you don’t need it anymore. In the past, people had the liberty of deciding what education they want and for how long. Not anymore.

In the UK, landlords are prohibited from collecting deposits. Now, the “protection scheme” is in place – all deposits go to government’s hands. Some landlords don’t ask for deposit anymore – because it’s useless. If you brake something in the apartment, they need to fight with the government to get the deposit, which destroys the purpose of deposits in the first place. Liberty of rental contract was taken away.

In Lithuania, children are taken away from families which government sees as of “below acceptable level”. Protecting children – or aggressively destroying families, based on sole decision of somebody in a smart suit?

Internet is not free anymore. Governments are free to block whichever websites they want. And no, it’s not only China. European governments caught this nasty virus too. Also, on internet you can be fined just for posting “inappropriate” comment on a major news website. Freedom of speech? Freedom of being who you are? Huh?

In many countries, you do not have the right for opting out of state pension funds (if you work as employee). Massive part of your salary (~30% in Lithuania) is robbed from you by government. Employees lost liberty of taking financial future into their own hands.

Tax. Some governments are so desperate in keeping their shit afloat – they keep rising taxes, introducing progressive taxation schemes, and inventing new taxes. 40% tax rate on incomes over £46.350 in the UK? 45% on incomes over €40.522 in Portugal? How about inheritance tax? Property tax? It is government robbing your wealth in its purest form – which many fail to notice.

It is very, very sad. I almost never cry. But if there was one thing I’d cry about – it is the loss of liberty.

It’s wise to understand that aggressive governments arise out of people who seek control. When you’re not balanced, when you’re not living from the truth of love – you tend to project your highest values onto other people. Because you think your values are better. You judge others. If differences are big, you start fighting those people. Then, you want to restrict their rights. When you’re this person, you vote for politicians who reflect your actions. As a result of seeking control, you get controlled by those “above you”.

Brutality is not the answer. Aggression always leads to poverty. Take responsibility in your own hands and teach others how to do it. Responsibility is the core of Liberty. We all have to learn how to handle Liberty, otherwise we’ll continue suffering from aggressive governments who are robbing our liberties away.