Got the leaflet? Step 2 is here

My name is Tomas, I am an artist & inspirator in Singapore, and let me do a brief introduction about the meaning of those questions that you’ve received.

Whenever you feel down, lack of energy or motivation, unclear about your future – that is probably a sign that you’re not living according to your highest values, or that you haven’t linked your highest values to your goals.

When you live according to your highest values, you’re:

  • Confident
  • Motivated
  • Inspired from within
  • Your brain is expanding
  • Executive center in your brain comes online, to give you a plan for overcoming challenges along your way
  • Your space and time horizons expand, so you see a greater and more clear vision

On the other hand, if you’re lying to yourself and aren’t living according to your highest values:

  • You lack confidence and motivation
  • You’re chasing inspiration from the outside
  • Your brain is collapsing (you’re becoming dumber)
  • Executive center of your brain goes to sleep
  • Your space and time horizons contract, you’re living on a day-to-day basis (survival mode), chasing more immediate gratifications and possibly fighting against “that unfair world” (victim mode).

So, if you’ve got the leaflet, let’s remember Step 1 first.

Step 1: Make sure you’ve already written down 3 answers for each of the question below. If not, do it now.

1. How do you fill your space?

2. How do you spend your time?

3. How do you spend your energy?

4. How do you spend your money?

5. Where are you most organized?

6. Where are you most reliable?

7. What dominates your thoughts?

8. What do you visualize most?

9. What do you most often talk to yourself about?

10. What do you most often talk to others about?

11. What inspires you?

12. What goals stand out in your life and have stood the test of time?

13. What do you love to learn or read about most?

Step 2: Identifying your highest values

Once you’ve written down three answers for each of the 13 questions, you’ll see that among your 39 answers, there is a certain amount of repetition – perhaps even a lot of repetition. You may be expressing the same kinds of value in different ways – for example, “spending time with people I like,” “having a drink with the folks from work,” “going out to eat with my friends” – but if you look closely, you can see some patterns begin to emerge.

So look at the answer that is most often repeated and write beside it the number of how often it repeats. Then find the second most frequent answer, then the third, and so on, until you have ranked every single answer. This gives you a good primary indicator of what your highest values are.

Then, aggregate what you’ve got into a list of values:

  1. _____________________
  2. _____________________
  3. _____________________
  4. _____________________
  5. _____________________
  6. _____________________
  7. _____________________

Go through each value in the list and compare it with the one that is below (for example, 1. vs 2., or 2. vs 3.) and rearrange the order if you feel it’s necessary.

Congratulations, that was the first step towards identifying your true self and living a fulfilled life. You can even start making decisions based on this initial hierarchy of values – and you can see how your life is already demonstrating your commitment to these values.

I’m doing my live seminar in Singapore, on Wednesday 20th March. It is highly recommended to attend if you want more guidance and help on this process, or if you have any questions.

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