Inspiration gallery: video overview

I believe the main purpose of art is to raise viewer’s consciousness level and connect them to the ultimate creator (God).

Art Gallery is NOT about looking at the portrait painting of rich dude from 1800s and reading description to understand what it is. That’s boring and pointless.

Inspiration Gallery in Singapore will be a multi-stage experience.

STAGE 1: Meditation room with relaxing music, where you spend at least 5 minutes to dive deeper, connect with your true self and increase your awareness, open up your senses.

STAGE 2: Surreal room for reigniting your inner creativity. Because from Universal point of view, the spectator and the creator is one and same. By fostering your inner creator, you become a better spectator too. In this room, emotional and musical backgrounds get more intensive, smells are introduced as a 3rd sensory experience.

STAGE 3: Sensual room where you go through dualistic experiences: dryness vs raining, hot vs cold, etc., to acknowledge the balanced Divine order. All 5 senses will be used in this room. Why dualistic experiences? Because without darkness, we wouldn’t know what is light. It’s all for stimulation of your senses, because in physical world we do have dualistic extremities (beyond which is love), so we should celebrate that.

STAGE 4: Fine arts room, where you get to see the most inspiring and meaningful art made from different artists from Singapore and all around the world.

STAGE 5: BOOM room – connectedness with the Universe intensifies as you enter the BOOM room – where you’ll find pictures, videos, 3D visualisations, holograms for historical, most inspiring and status-quo-shattering events that ever happened on this planet. This step is used for awakening the inner leader in each visitor, helping to ultimately connect with their highest values and purpose.

STAGE 6: Cooling down room. Explanation of what happened in the previous stages, and what’s the purpose behind them. Tribute to Dr. John Demartini and other inspiring leaders who helped me to create a vision for this gallery. Holograms of these people talking and sharing their ideas. Part of the room is dedicated for your digestion of what you learned in the previous rooms. We’ll provide tools for anchoring your experiences, to make sure you can remember (and re-experience) it anytime.

STAGE 7: Entrance Room. Why Entrance, not Exit? Because with your new, reborn self you’re entering the world again. Now you’re different. And by being different, you’re already changing the world. In other words, manifesting a more inspired reality around you.

P.S. I am currently working on a 300-page long vision book for the Inspiration Gallery – this article is just a summary. I will keep expanding and iterating on the vision as I meet with different people in Singapore. Later I will make more videos about it so you can share with your friends. I will also hire somebody to do realistic architectural visualisations. Every single detail will be visualised before starting to build the gallery. I’ll make sure it’s what people want and need. It will be the first gallery of this kind in the world. Later, I will build more branches in different places around the world, where I see it’s needed most.


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    March 13, 2019

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