Inspiration TV: UPDATE


Every person has their own hierarchy of values: areas of life which are most important (or not important) for them. Fulfilment of our highest values is our purpose on this planet.

However, quite a lot of us are not living according to our highest values.

If you’re one of the many – when you grew up, you looked around and “understood” that there are high-paid jobs and low-paid jobs. You chose to do something that pays well (or at least somewhere in the middle), not caring if it’s truly THE most important thing for you. Maybe #2, #3 or #15 priority, but not THE #1 thing.

Later, you found some heroes on the Internet, TV or social medias. You started following them. It looked like they knew some secret about “success”. It looked like they were very talented. You indulged into minimising yourself by putting them on pedestal: “I’ll never be as good as them – I’m too old, I’m too weak, I don’t have X or Y, my family is not rich, etc”.

YES – YOU WON’T BE AS GOOD AS THEM. Because by copying others, you can only become the best copy. The “secret” is that whatever you see in your hero, you have it in you already.


Over the period of 1 year, Inspiration TV is going to interview 500 inspiring people in Singapore. Entrepreneurs, artists, socialites, politicians, high achievers, family guys and other kinds of people, whom society considers as very inspiring.

To show that there’s no secret at all. All of those people do not possess any more super powers than you do.

Let’s be honest – the minority of people – those whom we consider as “inspiring” – are merely those who allowed themselves to live according to their highest values. It was all just a matter of identifying what’s truly most important for you and making a pledge to fulfilling those values.


  1. Three initial interviews are now in progress.
  2. Specific plan of actions & outcomes for March 2019 – March 2020 (interviewing 500 people).
  3. March 18 – April 1: Sponsorship/financing agreements. Meetings with Corporations running initiative foundations, Famous art galleries, Self-made entrepreneurs, Singaporean TV channels, etc. Selection of one company (or group of companies) which align with Inspiration TV’s values the most.
  4. Approximate cost of the project (hiring 2 people, transportation and other costs) ~ S$ 100.000


  1. Viewership: 500 interviews * 500 views per interview = 250.000 people reached
  2. Ripple effect (friends telling to friends, changing others by changing yourself, new initiatives born, etc.) @ 10x = minimum 2.500.000 (44% of Singapore’s population).
  3. That is enough to awaken a big wave of inspiration in Singapore – with thousands of people re-connecting to their ultimate purpose and serving humanity in the best possible ways, initiating a boost to economy and making Singapore an even more prosperous place to live.
  4. Usually, unstoppable change within a country happens with just 5% of population’s involvement (think of how food stores changed with the rise of veganism, although they’re a very small minority). Therefore, the ripple effect will continue worldwide, and in 2020/2021 Inspiration TV will already be operating on a global level.
  5. Inspiration Gallery project will be evolving together with Inspiration TV, spreading the word and bringing in founding members, thus increasing the speed of project development. Inspiration Gallery will later evolve into the most powerful marketplace of art on planet Earth – and I have a very strong reason why art is crucially important for an inspired and harmonious society. But let’s keep that topic for another post.:)


My highest values are:

  1. Leading
  2. Inspiring
  3. Spreading art to the world

The primary purpose of Inspiration TV is to fulfil the value of Inspiring by serving humanity, but in reality I’ll be fulfilling all 3 at the same time.

Reason why I have the value of Inspiring – because I see a big void – too few people with sparkling eyes, too few people having the connection to the Ultimate Creator.

Why Singapore? This was the guidance of my soul. And from what people tell me – I now see how much Singapore actually needs Inspiration TV & Inspiration Gallery. I’m happy that I came here. There’s a lot of things to do and a lot of challenges to overcome. Let’s enjoy the ride & celebrate life together.