instead of realities, see actuality

A bit of intro

Universe is perfectly balanced. For every force, there’s an opposing force. For whatever value that you have, there’s somebody who has anti-value. For every person on this planet, there’s an oppositely different person. For every statement you make, there will be somebody shouting back at you: “Bullshit! You’re totally wrong!” For every infatuation, there’s a depression awaiting. It doesn’t just “happen” some time in the future. By going into infatuation, you’ve already created your depression, as for the balancing force time constraints do not exist.

Now, for every challenge that you receive, there’s a support already created as well. The faster you can see it, the more wisdom you have. Universe will never give you more challenges than supports, or more supports than challenges. So, each event that happens to you is a blessing.

Taking leaders as example

Whatever you do in your life, you’ll attract an equal amount of people who support you, and an equal amount of people who hate you. Let’s call them supporters and haters. The more you’re connected to your ultimate purpose, the more of a leader you become, so the numbers of supports and haters simultaneously incease.

If you’re an artist, you’re probably quite sensitive and afraid of your haters. But you also have quite a few supporters which bring you smile when they comment your work.

If you happen to be in a seminar, you’ll notice that half of the people stand up to applaud the speaker genuinely, while others do it just because they don’t want to be different from the crowd or appear arrogant. There’s no speaker in the room who is supported by all listeners.

And that’s great, because supporters let you dream more and be more childish, while haters make you more of an adult and foster your growth.

The more important (or famous) a person is, the bigger the crowd of their supporters and haters. Just think of Justin Bieber. Or Donald Trump. It is very common to see in the US that two opposing parties have a rough and equal fight for the President election. It’s because society is polarized, and when two greatly opposing leaders meet, they will have a crowd of voters divided into equal parts. So, if you think that Donald Trump is a bad person – you will vote against him. If you think he’s a good person – you will vote for him. That’s how masses think. Masses are polarized and they judge everything as “bad” or “good”.

But when you look deeper, when you read books written by Donald Trump and books written by his opposite candidate, you will see that throughout their lives, both of these people gave tremendous value to society, they did extraordinary feats and already changed the world a lot, before even coming to elections. They just communicate different values. And they live according to different values.


I will repeat: they just communicate different values. But none of the candidates is ultimately “good” or “bad”. When you understand that – you stop taking a stance, you stop polarizing yourself, you stop falling into realities – and then, you see the Actuality.

Actuality is like looking at thing from above, from God’s eye. The ultimate creator is not constrained by time. All He sees is never ending, eternal processes, eternal change. Change is all about going from One to the Many, and then back to One. It’s a Universal principle which is observed at all levels.

When you stop taking a stance, when you stop judging, when you see the Actuality – that’s when you start living from the balance, from the great and true love.

Our ego drives us into polarizations. This mother*ucker wants to fight, he wants to create wars, he wants to prove himself. And that’s okay. That’s inevitable part of life of the masses. But there will always be some people who manage to rise above those realities and see the Actuality. You might just be one of them. If you have enough reasons for that, of course.