life got stolen

Yesterday I was talking about how important it is to keep being a millionaire in your mind, no matter what’s happening around.

Today I received a test for my words: my backpack with laptop, headphones, cash, credit cards, notebooks (basically all my life) was stolen. Around 2k € in value departed me in a second.

But I am happy and smiling because it’s a spectacular moment. 

One of my teachers got rid of all of his stuff, went naked to desert and spent a month there. 

He became rich in his mind by letting it all go and realizing that he doesn’t need anything: things don’t bother him anymore. 

One month later, he was driving a Ferrari.

Some people lose millions and make it up quickly because they’re still millionaires in their mind. When they’re down, they never spread anger or hate because:

You attract what you radiate. The stronger you radiate, the stronger is the gravitation towards you (look at the sun).

Yes I just lost ~2000 € in 10 seconds – and yes it’s a big expense for me at the moment, but who cares, if my mind is set to be a millionaire? 

You become where your focus goes. Would you rather focus on 2k € or on helping millions of people around the world?

Everything is on loan to me – even my body. It’s not eternal. I don’t own anything in this Universe.

Last year when I lost my wallet in Budapest and couldn’t have a dinner – I was scared. 

I was even more scared when 4 homeless people approached me and asked for money. I was their brother that night.

Now I’m smiling because I recently experienced that I can go without food for as long as 4 days – and it’s not a disaster after all. It’s even healing.

Let go of good to make space for something great to come. Everything is energy, so it has to flow – it has to be moving.

What you chase – you push it away. Radiate good energy and people will give you all the things you deserve to get.

I’m thankful for this lesson. What doesn’t kill you – makes you stronger.

P.S. This happened around two years ago, and the story was actually written at that time. Now, when looking backwards, I see a huge blessing that this happened, and I’m eternally grateful for the thief.