Urban tale in vilnius

One day I drove into the town with a plan to film some close-up shots of interesting places. Like, flying above roof with a camera facing straight down, or getting very close to the wall of glass skyscrapers.

I did what I planned. But in the end, I intuitively decided to just fly to the Cathedral Square (one of the main historical places of my hometown). I was controlling the drone from about 800 meters away, and I knew that there’s very little chance that my connection won’t drop. Because it usually does (there’s a hill nearby, obstructing connections).

But that time it was magical. Connection didn’t drop. And I was so immersed into controlling the drone that it felt I wasn’t controlling it anymore. It was a few minutes of pure flow, felt like God took over control through my hands. I was just watching in amazement, because after each turn I was getting a better view – it felt like God already knew what it wants to film, before seeing it (and I think he does). The footage turned out to be very smooth, without any vibrations, no errors at all – it was like next level to me. Another reason why it felt like it wasn’t me who filmed.

So in the end, I decided to join my close-up shots (in white & black) with the footage of flying to Cathedral Square.

P.S. Later I noticed that when flying to the Cathedral Square, drone almost crashed into some wires above street (they weren’t visible during filming on my ipad, but I saw it later on PC screen). Drone flew just a few meters over. As I said – God (the ultimate creator) knows what he’s doing. He’s better than me, because I already crashed my drone twice (one time – into construction crane, another time – into electric wires). Happily, the drone survived both accidents.