WHY ART 1000x Your Company’s Productivity

There must be a lot of art in your office. You must fill each empty space in your workspace with pieces of art: paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, etc.


If your company is currently doing millions in revenues, you are very likely to be missing out on billions.

Just because you are not allowing your employees to make the best use of creative part of their brain.

Most employees spend most of their time in the rational part of their brain. Which is at least 1000x times less effective than the creative part. In rational mind, we’re doing estimates, calculations, thinking of what can go wrong, making solutions. If you limit yourself to rational mind, you’re missing out on the infinite field of possibilities, because your rational mind will never be able to grasp it.

You fail to notice the infinite field of possibilities, because you’re living in your thoughts and you’re not in the present moment.

Why having art in your office helps to boost creativity of your employees?

When you go to a gallery opening and you meet painters, and you ask “how did you come with this idea to make this painting?” – most of the time they’ll say: “no, it wasn’t my idea, it came from higher above”.

Artist is just the one who is channeling the energy from the Ultimate Creator and making it material.

If you ask them: “would you ever replicate this painting?” They’d say: “no, it was only a one-time event”.

So, in this sense, when you look at great piece of visual art, you’re re-connecting to the Ultimate Creator, who is the ultimate source of creativity.

So, the more art you put into your office/workspace, the more creative your employees are, the more they make use of the creative part of their brain, and the more your company’s results are exploding.

Go ahead and fill each and every empty wall in your office with visual art: paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, just about anything – just make it creative!