Tomas Cherry

For the last 12 years, Tomas has been pushing the boundaries of fine art. A self-taught pioneer in the field of immersive transcendent photography, Tomas has dedicated his life to revealing the true beauty of our world.

In his early career, the most common comment Tomas was receiving about his art sounded like “oh, it can’t be true, my city is not that beautiful as in this picture”.

To which Tomas would reply: “no, it actually is that beautiful, you just failed to notice because you’re looking down while walking.”

Tomas was heavily confused as to why people look down when they’re walking on streets counting thousands of years of history? Those streets are full of magnificence, inspired by hundreds of architects and artists who lived there throughout centuries.

“How come you don’t see that?”

As a result, Tomas has taken over 300.000 pictures just in his hometown alone (Vilnius, Lithuania).

Nowadays, Tomas is mostly involved in aerial art, uncovering the beauty of our planet from bird’s eye and increasing awareness of the environment we live in. The fascination of free flight has lived in Tomas’s blood since his childhood, which led him to the journey of becoming a paraglider pilot and professional drone artist.