My Mission

At the moment I am in Singapore, working on:

  1. Building Inspiration Gallery
  2. Launching Marketplace for Inspiring Fine Arts
  3. Releasing citylife & aerial photo albums for Singapore
  4. Connecting with local artists and those passionate about arts
  5. Making art

Shortly about me

For 10 years I’ve been losing myself in the worlds of photography and programming, always questioning if I was an artist or not. Because none of those paths felt enough for me. I knew I had to dig deeper to understand who I really was, and what purpose did my soul choose before coming to this world.

And finally, I identified what’s truly most important for me – my highest values:

  1. Leading
  2. Inspiring
  3. Spreading art to the world

Since then, I dedicated myself to serving people while fulfilling my highest values.

I am excited about spreading art because I see too many empty walls/spaces and too few people who understand the purpose and value of art.

I am excited about inspiring because I wish I could see sparkling eyes in people more often.

I am excited about leading because in my childhood I was very shy, an “outsider” – so in my later years I had a big reason to learn how to become friends with everyone and how to effectively communicate my ideas. Also, I was never content with the status quo, and wherever I go I try to change the world.

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