Early Morning Gift

When summer comes to Lithuania, everyone is celebrating and enjoying life. Because it doesn’t last long. That morning, at 4am I was going to a date with a very beautiful and spiritual girl. We did yoga on one of the most beautiful and tranquil hills in Vilnius. As sun was rising, the whole outskirts of the city were covered with misty fog. You couldn’t see anything, except for the tower of some remote church.

Then, I launched my drone and flew about a mile away, closer to that church. As the fog uncovered, this is what I’ve got. A gift from the Ultimate Creator. I am eternally grateful for His gift.

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Due to limited availability, this Tomas Cherry masterwork cannot be purchased online. For collector inquiries, please click the Request a Quote link. If you would prefer to speak to an Art specialist, please click below to email us.

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45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

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