Sunset Over Rural Church

Last seconds before sunset are always thrilling and exciting. It’s my last chance to take that great shot. It was quite stressful as the guard of the church approached us and started to threaten with police. My friends tried to cheer him up by talking nicely, and my drone pilot friend was already landing his drone.

I was still in the air, waiting for that perfect shot. Guard got angry and shouted at me: “so are you at least landing your drone?” And I lied: “yeah, sure, I am still flying back, I was very far away”. While hanging above church and clicking the shutter button every other second, being in awe with what Ultimate Creator was revealing to me.

I’d rather have the whole world against me, but not my own soul. If my soul is telling me to wait for that master shot – I do it, no matter what’s happening around. To fulfil your purpose, you have to use all character traits that were given to humans by the Ultimate Creator. You’re a hero and a villain in the same person already. You have all the “good” and the “bad” traits in you. They were given for a reason, so use it wisely and stay loyal to your soul.

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45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

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