The Process

The Process

Tomas has unbeatable belief that beauty is everywhere. Most often, we just fail to notice that, because we spend too much time in our thoughts, and not in the present moment.

Tomas creates from his heart only. He’s dedicated to executing the divine visions he’s receiving from the Ultimate Creator. In those moments, Tomas feels like God is controlling his body, the movements of his camera or drone – to reveal the beauty which only the Ultimate Creator is able to comprehend.

Tomas believes that greatest art can only be created when you escape the prison of rational mind and open your mind for the Ultimate Creator. To achieve this state, it is crucially important to understand your Telos (highest value/purpose) and to be 100% loyal to your soul. Tomas chose to rather have the whole world against him, but not his own soul.

Tomas doesn’t believe in any photographic dogmas. He puts highest value on the visual beauty itself. In his photographic process, he’s heavily utilising a trial-and-error approach until he gets that one shot worth being called as the master work.

Sometimes Tomas would take 800 different shots to capture just a cup of coffee. Out of those 800, he would select just 1, which is visually the most empowering.

When shooting outdoors, Tomas would go to the same place multiple times during the day and take hundreds of pictures just to study the light – how it appears on the cityscape and what emotions it brings. He would repeat the process for as many days as needed, to produce that one masterwork.

No rules can be applied to this process, because it’s a pure play between inspiration, creativity and persistence.

Ultimate Creator already knows how to create magnificence – as it’s been doing that for almost 14 billion years. So there’s no point in learning about “rules of art”. The most effective way to create inspiring art is to completely surrender yourself to the possession of Ultimate Creator. You let him use your mind and your hands as His tools. Then, you relax and just watch what’s happening.